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Zefal is a company specialized in manufacturing accessories cycle based Jargeau in the Loiret. The origin of the company dates back to the late nineteenth century with the first developments velocipede. From 1880, the company specializes in the manufacture of bicycle accessories such as metal footrest, the door-lanterns or brake calipers and benefits of the invention of the pneumatic inflatable developing valves and develop air pumps. Zefal name is created in the 1920s: it comes from 'zef' meaning wind in slang, and 'al' for aluminium, the main component. These pumps monobloc aluminium are launched for the 1950s. Since then, many patents have been filed to improve the efficiency, ease and comfort of inflation. In 1972, Zefal invents direct connection with clamping lever and the reversibility of the joint to adapt to different types of valves.


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