The Team

Daan van Belzen


As senior partner Daan makes a fine bean to cup coffee and a wide range of fairtrade teas to a variety of standards. Being involved in the establishing of a dynamic team has been a positive experience. Bikes are for living...

Sourcing from a variety of suppliers and developing marketing activities comes natural to this qualified Youth Worker who has a background Publishing, Management and Marketing. The cycling discipline and the passion for bikes is just part of the course for the Dutch.

Daan proudly owns a Batavus Flying Dutchman, a city Star, Commencal Combi, Graaf Floris,and currently can be seen on a BMW road bike. Only  recently acquired a Bergamont eHorizon. The most assistance however he receives to move around is from the trusted White Bikeseven Doblo.

Levi van Belzen


Head Technician at BikeSeven, Levi has been fixing things since he was a child, that and being Cytech qualified, he possesses the determination to get almost any mechanical job on a Bike/Trike/Dog-Sled/Scooter finished to the highest of standards.

As far as riding goes, Levi, dabbles in both Road, sprinting to the next telephone pole on an a Carbon Orbea or a single speed homegrown, and Mountain Biking down the hills on his Bionicon or uphill on a Orbea wild.  

He happily leaves Trials to Shane and Tino!!

Levi currently manages the Market Street branch.

Shane Mitchinson


Shane was Head Technician at BikeSeven. Cytech 1, 2 & 3 qualified mechanic for several years.

Shane's main type of cycling is trials, he has been riding trials for 6 years. Seeing a video of Danny MacAskill inspired him to start riding trials and become a cycle mechainc.

Shane's other two types of cycling (MTB on a Kona Process & Road on a Ridley Excaliber) are to help with fitness for trials biking.

Dream Bike(s): Ridley Noah Fast (Road), Monty M5 (Trials) and loads of others....*

(*During 2017 Shane left employment with Bikeseven to start his own horticultural distribution business)

Martin Russell (Tino)
Tino is the Head Technician in the workshop at the Sandilands branch. Cytech certified technician with years of experience under the belt he is specialist on the team when it comes to cycle suspension technology.
Make sure you stay ahead of him on the trails or the freerides or you will be left out of sight!

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