Tannus Sheild Solid All-Terrain Tyre

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Tannus Shield Solid All-Terrain Tyre

The Tannus Aither is the most modern solid tyre in the world and can withstand nails, glass, sharp metal objects, & thorns with ease. This allows the Aither to be 100% puncture-proof, very reliable & perfect for the commutes to work.

The Tannus Solid Tyre, the most modern solid tyre in the world. The perfect hardness (75psi equivalent), incredible grip and extremely low rolling resistance. Tannus Tyres are like no other bicycle tyre on the planet. Being solid, a Tannus Tyre can withstand everything that would normally stop you flat with a pneumatic tyre, nails, glass, sharp metal objects, and thorns are no longer your enemy. The patented Aither technology that makes up 100% of their solid tyre is a scientifically engineered super material, that whilst being extremely resistant to wear and the environment, it still provides comfort, minimises rolling resistance, and provides unprecedented safety.

Aither technology provides shock absorption and comfort
The patented pin locking system combined with 100% no-puncture guarantee, makes this the only safety certified tyre in the world
Guaranteed to never go flat, the Solid tyres offer amazing cycling freedom - go anywhere, anytime and leave your tools at home
Compatible with most modern 700c road wheels with internal rim width between 18-20mm
Solid tyre equivalent to 75psi
Lasts at least 6000 miles
Incredible grip and extremely low rolling resistance
Weighs: 690g (approx.)
Brand: Tannus
Condition: New


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