We Love to fix bikes, that’s why you will Love our service.

The Bike.  It has two wheels and gets you from A to B, ideally in a manner which you enjoy!  However if you find your bike slips gears or continually cause’s a frown, it's time to get it serviced.

Like a car, your bike is a mode of transport which needs to be checked regularly to make sure everything is in working order, and with technology advancing faster and faster in the bike industry, things need to be in tip top condition to get the best out of your efficient mode of transport.

You wouldn't drive a car that failed an MOT, so if you're serious about biking why would you risk riding a dangerous bike? (If it is, we will let you know!) So leave your bike with the Cytech qualified technician and we will get you riding safely again.

We offer various service levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, for all styles of bikes.  Road, Electric, MTB and BMX to name a few, even tandems.  We’re flexible too, so if your bike needs something a little more than a bronze but not quite a silver we'll work something out.

You can drop your bike off any time and we will give you an update the minute idea of service time.  Alternatively give us a call to get your bike booked in for a quick turnaround.

All we ask of you is that you bring your bike to us clean (a surcharge will be added if MTB is covered in mud, or mechanics like a clean workshop!)

10% discount on any replacement parts required from our shop, included with all services.

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Set Levels of Service

£35 (Adult Bikes) - £25 (Kids Bikes upto 24")
Suggested for bikes less than a year old, and ones that rarely get ridden. A good bike health check-up. This will cover the major points of your bike to make sure its safe and more importantly, enjoyable to ride.
- Check the frame for stress/damage.
- Check and adjust the brakes.
- Check and adjust the gears.
- Check tyre pressures and tread wear.
- Check wheels for alignment and wear.
- Check hubs for play, tighten if necessary.
- Check and adjust the headset.
- Check chain and drive train for wear.
- Lubrication of drive train (chain, gears and associated components)
Will include advice on any further work required (fitting of new parts not included.)

£55/£60 including hub re-builds
Suggested for bikes that get ridden regularly and need to be kept in excellent condition.
Moving on from bronze, here we spend a bit more time looking into the bike and servicing the components, major bearings are stripped down and re-greased, wheels are trued and spokes tensioned.
- All the features of a Bronze, plus;
- Check wheel alignment, true and re-tension spokes where possible (replacement parts at cost)
- Check Bottom Bracket, re-grease where possible (replacement bearings at cost)
- Check Headset, clean and de-grease bearings, re-grease (replacement bearings at cost)
- Check hubs, clean and de-grease bearings, re-grease (replacement bearings at cost)

From £120
Suggested for your pride and joy ride, at the end of the season perhaps. This is the works, your bike is stripped down to the frame, every part is cleaned and de-greased, damaged and worn parts are replaced and then the bike is re-assembled, ready for another season of abuse.
All the features of the Silver Service, but with so much more!
- Complete frame strip down, headset and bottom bracket surfaces faced if required.
- Complete check on all components, worn or damaged parts replaced (replacements at cost)
- All components cleaned, rebuilt or replaced and re-greased ready for re-build (replacements at cost)
- Brake service, including inner and outer casing change (cost of cables included)
- Gear service, including inner and outer casing change (cost of cables included)
- Disc brake clean and adjust (pads replaced at cost)

Individual Service Prices


Everything to do with gears, chainset, cassette and chain.
- Gears adjustment (front or rear): £5
- Full replacement of gear cables (including parts): £25
- Replacement of gear cables (front or rear) (including parts): £15
- Replacement of chain: £5
- Replacement of cassette: £7.50
- Fit front derailleur (mount and adjust): £12.50
- Fit or replace rear derailleur (including tracking hanger and adjust): £12.50
- Fit bottom bracket (mount and adjust): £15
- Chainset (fit or replacement): £12.50
- Dropout replacement (including drop out and re-align): £25

Hydraulic, mechanical, disc or blocks
- Brake adjustment (front or rear): £5
- Full replacement of brake cables (including parts): £25
- Brake adjustment (front and rear): £5
- Brake pad replacement (front or rear): £5
- Disc brake pad replacement: £5
- Disc brake caliper frame facing: £12.50 each
- Single hydraulic brake bleed: from £12.50 each
- Single disc brake fitting (to suitable frame/forks): £12.50
- Brake Rotor Clean/De-grease and pad fit £15

Need something else done? A wheel build? or a custom bike build?
Give us a call and we'll let you know what it will cost.

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