Keep it Clean!

As a service centre, we see many bikes of all shapes and styles an we accept them all for what they are, your pride and joy.

Your bike is your mode of transport, your route to escaping the hustle bustle of your 9 to 5, your chance to head out and socialise with your cycling friends, and as a Cytech Service Centre we are here to keep your bike running smooth and help you make the most of it. 

We won’t get upset at the thought of servicing your bike because it doesn’t have the latest gears, the fanciest brakes, the lightest wheel set, or the best saddle on the market.

There is however one thing that can cause a little upset on our mechanics faces… 

A Dirty Bike.
A Clean Bike works better, it shifts better, it pedals smoother, parts last longer and 9 times out of 10 it just looks better too. 

(Yes, we know, we’ve all sat and looked at our mountain bikes after a 4 hour epic ride and admired the mud splatters that remind us of the trail we’ve just enjoyed!)

Roadies, this is aimed at your too and not just the Mountain bikers! Road bikes can get just as dirty, and worse so, the mechanics of a road bike are that much more refined, when road dirt and build up occurs, those smooth shifting gears can become a sluggish nightmare.

Keep Your Bike Clean.
Take pride in it. Wash it. Oil it. Let it Sparkle again and make it ready for the next ride!

Here at Bikeseven we offer advise and tips on how to clean and maintain your bike and have a range of cleaning products here at Bikeseven.

We won’t turn your bike away if it comes to us dirty, we may however point you to wash bucket outside, to keep our mechanics smiling and keep your bike running well. (Or offer our bike wash service to you!)