At Bionicon, innovation doesn't mean inventing things to collect titles (although they are very proud to have been voted "most innovative brand" for six years running at BIKE magazine). They create products because they beleive they will make your biking experience better. During the 90's bike suspension travel began to increase and whilst downhill performance benefitted riding these bikes uphill drove them crazy. The front wheel would drift and rise and the un-ergonomic position gave them sore backs and stiff necks. How could they make these bikes better? They experimented, thought a lot and looked around - nature provided their inspiration, not other bike brands. The native wild mountain goats in Tegernsee race up and down near vertical gradients with ease. What was their secret? Observing them carefully revealed that they were able to vary geometry! Climbing they shortened their front legs (reduced fork travel) which shifted their centre of gravity forwards and down. Descending they extended their front legs (more fork travel) and lowered their rears - quick, agile and secure. The wild goats didn’t just help them to build the first all mountain capable bikes; they also helped give them their name: bionic is the term used in industry for technology derived from observing nature. Bionicon derives from “bionic concept.”
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