NB Covid-19: Information displayed may not be up-to-date due to shortage of team-members to service - Please always ring to confirm your bicycle order by leaving a message on 01228 792497.​​​​​​​  Bicycles will only be supplied to clients in a 40 mile radius from the Bikeseven Centres. Thank You.

RideToLive / Bulletin14 /  29th June 2020
"We gotta make changes, even if they change us. We gotta turn pages."

                                                                                                     (Ilse DeLange 1977 - )

Changed measures and hard work of the team have resulted in being able to continue to serve you. We are grateful that a number of new bicycles are arriving almost daily securing a fine selection of quality bicycles and ebikes. 

Cube and Orbea, Europe's two fastest growing bicycle companies, are sublimely supplemented by Fantic, Frog, Kalkhoff, Ridgeback, Saracen, Squish and dozens of parts and accessories suppliers. We are also offering some pre-owned bikes at attractive prices for those with a restricted budget.

In addition to a fine range of bike trailers we are also able to offer a safe range of child seats, from the classic rear frame-mounted Guppies to innovative front frame-mounted Shotgun.

Current opening times of the Centres are as follows:
   Bikeseven Sandilands, Longtown will be
OPEN Monday from 9.00 - 13.00hr
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 9.00 - 17.30hr, and Saturday from 9.00 - 17.00hr
   CUBE by Bikeseven, Market Street, Carlisle will be
OPEN every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10.00 - 18.00hr


Thanks for presenting your bike(s)/wheel(s) in a clean condition, allowing ample time to have the work undertaken, while considering the priority of key workers.
Customer access to the Centres is restricted and Physical Distancing measures are in place. Benefit from our deep supply of parts, tyres, tubes and bikes, as stocks in the centres are vast and wide. Limited scheduled servicing has resumed.

NB currently we only supply bicycles within a 40 mile range of Carlisle - please ring before ordering on the website as model information and stocklevels are changing daily.

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